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Did you know that up to 70% of employers look at social media to form a digital 'picture' of potential employees?

And, 73% of millenials (18-34) use social media for job searching!

  • 100% of searches are for CV checks and your 'fit' with the hiring organisation.
  • 57% of checks lead to a reason for not hiring (job-hunt.org)!
  • 30% of all employers have rejected candidates due to social media discoveries!
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We think you should know what HR firms, banks and insurers can find out about you from social media!

For less than the price of a meal deal
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you can look in the 'equals mirror' to get a reflection of your digital persona.

Just like a 'meal deal', what you see might not be what you expect or 'fill the void' but, in just a few simple steps we will generate your confidential report.

Also, we provide some common hints and tips that might help you manage your social profile.

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To stop bots and crawlers, we have added this extra security check to our site. We will remember your email if you register but, if you decide not to register, we will delete it when you leave the site.

As ex-military, we are very security conscious and we will keep your data securely and believe that the report we provide is a tool to improve transparency and help you manage your 'digital persona'.

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